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Interactive Style Guide

Web, Visual Style

This is an example of the interactive style guide I frequently produce for various client projects.

This concept came about during a particularly feature-heavy project, in which the development team needed a reliable way to reproduce styles and maintain brand and aesthetic cohesion when creating new elements and pages. Instead of creating a flat document that's bulky, difficult to update, and easily forgotten about, I decided an interactive style guide was the better option.

This approach is a lightweight, portable solution that not only provides visual examples of how elements should look, it also gives immediate interactive feedback for how those elements should behave. Because the elements are created with live code, designers and developers can see things like hovers, transitions, dropdowns, click indicators and more in real time. It also holds code snippets for reference purposes, as well as providing precise values like hex codes that are easy to copy and paste without dragging out the eyedropper tool.

I utilized a simple but extensible CSS framework, making it easy for teams to update the repository when branding changes are necessary or when new elements are created and standardized.

About Me

Hi! I'm Brent. I'm a designer based in Ohio, specializing in web and user interface design, visual design, and creative direction for interactive web projects.


Skill Set

  • Visual Design
  • User Experience
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Adobe Creative Suite


"Brent is a remarkably talented designer and an exceptional colleague. A fast learner, he's able to pick up new concepts quickly and execute with minimal supervision. Brent gets things done with style and efficiency and is one of the most effective remote team members I've worked with. As a visual designer, he's evolved a sophisticated, detailed style that can elevate an entire project. The icing on the cake is that he's a genuinely fun person to work with. He would be a dynamic asset to any organization lucky enough to get him."

Tim Jones · Director of User Experience
nPario Inc.

"I was happy when I learned that Brent was the UI Designer driving nPario's website revision because it meant that the site was going to be vastly improved. As expected, he didn't disappoint - soon after we started the project, the site had a more focused and contemporary design. It earned a lot of praise inside and outside the company for its look and feel. I worked closely with Brent on this project, which was a pleasure. Brent has an easy-going and accommodating personality that makes collaboration easy. He won't easily compromise on design principles, which gave him credibility, but he was quick to offer viable alternative options. I think Brent would be an valuable asset to any organization."

Tom Kehl · Senior Director of Insights
nPario Inc.

"Brent is a friendly and highly talented designer whom I had the pleasure of working with at deviantART. He brought a lot of interesting ideas to the table when tasked with UI and UX projects, and I personally feel he has loads of talent and skills. I'm hoping I have the opportunity to work with him again some time in the future, and I'm certain he'll go on to great things."

Ryan Ford · Creative Director
DeviantART Inc.

"Working with Brent has been incredible. With very little guidance, he created exactly what I wanted, first time around. Finding a designer who is as creative as he is professional, as friendly as he is reliable, and as quick as he is precise, is a dream. Highly and wholeheartedly recommend!"

Nicole Antoinette · Project Manager
Shatterboxx Media

"From the first enquiry into Brent's service I received a quick reply; the communication remained consistent throughout the process. The ease of the design was reassuring, particularly since my criteria given prior were vague. However, with Brent's handy advice, knowledge on design and our collaborative thoughts he created an aesthetically beautiful logo, bundled with alternative colour schemes for different purposes."

Annie Li · Proprietor & Designer
Annie Li Jewellery Design

"If you're looking for a sleek, professional site design, Brent will not disappoint. He is detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and extremely creative, and works patiently with his clients until they are fully satisfied."

Sarai Rivera · Owner

"Brent worked well with our startup to develop a website in line with the direction he was given. Communication was easy, the design was solid, and everything was delivered on time. Would hire again."

Nevin Freeman · CIO
Personalized Medicine

"Brent's been working with us on the 20SB redesign, and he's been super available, receptive, and friendly. I think Lisa (co-admin) would agree that we both highly recommend the guy if you have a project that fits into his skill set."

Derek Shanahan · Owner
20-Something Bloggers

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